Old printed card saying Niagara College is born with picture of ribbon cutting ceremony

2017-2018 was full of celebrations for our 50th year of applied education.

Over the span of half a century, Niagara College has become a leader in applied education, and a regional college with global reach. Founded in Welland in 1967, Niagara College now operates from specialized campuses in Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

50th Anniversary Celebration

Thanks to all those who joined us at the Welland Campus on Wednesday, October 4 at the Welland Campus as we marked Niagara College’s 50th Anniversary. This was a great opportunity for alumni, retirees and the community to join current students, faculty and staff to mark this special milestone. The celebration featured:

  • Colleges Ontario’s Amazing 50 Campus Tour mobile display
  • NC archives display and the opportunity to meet retirees, alumni and Alumni Relations staff, and the Centre for Student Engagement and Leadership
  • A commemorative 50th photo
  • A visit from NC’s Food Truck – Bench on the Go

Pillar of Niagara

Niagara College has had a tremendous impact on our community for the past 50 years… but don’t take our word for it! Here's what our local leaders have to say.

Niagara Regional Chair

As a key post-secondary institution in Niagara region, Niagara College and its students make a significant positive impact in the life of Niagara’s communities and our shared economy.

As a region that is seeing a resurgence of advanced manufacturing and the growth of its horticultural sector, Niagara College graduates are playing instrumental roles in nurturing this growth.

Niagara Regional Council is developing a joint strategy on the retention of our U-35 demographic. As we continue to work with students, College president Dan Patterson, and instructors and professors, this strategy will enable us to ensure that Niagara is well positioned for the jobs and growth of the future.

As Niagara College commemorates the special occasion of its 50th anniversary in 2017, I am pleased to acknowledge their unique role in the life of our communities and wish them much success in the years to come.

MPP Welland

I am very pleased to extend my congratulations to faculty, staff and students at Niagara College on reaching this half-century milestone.

It has been a pleasure to watch the college metamorphosize from a modest single campus dedicated to helping students acquire hands-on work skills to an internationally recognized institution with multiple campuses and trailblazing programs. The ripple effect of Niagara College’s remarkable expansion spreads far and wide. More campuses and more programs mean more students. Students are tenants, consumers, volunteers, workers and community members who profoundly enrich our collective quality of life.

Visionary leadership, dedicated staff, inspired students and respected graduates have made Niagara College a crowning jewel in the Welland riding, region of Niagara and the province of Ontario.

Welland Mayor

As Mayor of Welland, I congratulate Niagara College on 50 amazing years in our city. May your numerous successes continue to make Niagara College a leader in education, not only in Welland and Niagara, but in Canada and the rest of the world.

From a humble beginning you have become a major force in the post-secondary community and the City of Welland looks forward to a continued partnership.

Niagara College’s presence ensures community strength. Its economic benefits include revenues to our local business as well as helping attract new industry as a partner in our economic development strategies.

Niagara College has evolved to become one of the City of Welland’s most important anchors. Niagara College has expanded and grown tremendously over the last 50 years. The College’s contributions go far beyond the exceptional educational standards we have all come to know. It is a catalyst for our City and for the Region.

Niagara College has been instrumental as it relates to business retention in addition to businesses locating in Welland. The student population, which has climbed tremendously over the years contribute to the success of local businesses. Students eat, work and play in Welland which keeps our businesses strong and vibrant. Niagara also is attractive to industry as they provide training programs geared to the needs of employers.

The presence of Niagara College has long been a reason to locate in Welland. Students and faculty who frequent our local shopping malls and restaurants ensure stability and growth.

Anytime a College is located in a municipality, businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants, laundry mats and shopping malls benefit from their presence. Niagara College does far more than provide opportunities for a large young population getting ready for the workforce. The College’s presence contributes to our local economy and housing markets.

Niagara College students who reside in the area provide numerous benefits to both Welland and Niagara. Their sense of belonging by living and working in a community help the city thrive and their specific skill set provide value to local businesses looking for a skilled workforce.

The College’s role in the future will continue to evolve. As economies grow and change, so will the College. As Niagara College looks to the future, it can be sure that their programs and innovation will be met with eager students trying to get the edge on what is to come.

MPP St. Catharines

Over the past half century, Niagara College has had a profound, positive impact on the Niagara Region and indeed, our province and country.

The College’s faculty has been an excellent resource for our entire community and in particular, those who have attended Niagara as a student.

Industry, business and labour have all appreciated the outstanding cooperation that has been forthcoming from the College as it prepares its students for the workplace. Both those who are entering post-secondary education for the first time and those taking advantage of meeting additional educational requirements and obtaining training for a new vocation have benefited from their experience at this renowned educational institution.

Under the dynamic leadership of president Dr. Dan Patterson, Niagara College continues to lead the way in so many areas of post-secondary education and for this, all of us in Niagara are deeply grateful.

Niagara-on-the-Lake Mayor

Niagara College is an integral part of Niagara-on-the-Lake as it draws students of all ages and backgrounds to our area and offers them an exceptional educational experience. Niagara College’s success has helped to revitalize the youthful spirit of Niagara-on-the-Lake, and I feel as though the vibrancy and vitality Niagara College students bring to the Glendale area is continuing to spread throughout the whole town.

Niagara College provides a unique opportunity for us to showcase our town to young people in hopes they will choose Niagara-on-the-Lake as the place to begin their career. Additionally, Niagara College provides local students with the opportunity to continue their education without having to move away from home.

The college also brings a great deal of business and industry to the area through enrolled students, faculty members, suppliers, and many other users of products and services provided by the college.

The Glendale area, home to the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus, is experiencing ongoing advancements with respect to new prestige industrial initiatives for the development of new jobs and various business activities. Niagara College’s presence in this area further enhances opportunities for businesses to relocate, expand, or launch their business in this developing area where apprentice opportunities and student life is flourishing.

MPP Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Fort Erie

I’d like to congratulate Niagara College of their 50th anniversary.

Not only is Niagara College a world class educational institution, but many of their unique program offerings have breathed life into the emerging industries here in Niagara.

Niagara College’s unique mix of hands-on training and theoretical teachings truly has exemplified the advantages of a College education for the past 50 years.

Everywhere I go in Ontario, people talk about how forward thinking Niagara College is with their educational offerings. Whether that is their Artisan Distilling, Culinary Innovation and Food Technology, or brewery programs, they offer an experience unlike any college in Canada.

I know under the leadership of president Dan Patterson, Niagara College will continue to flourish as a top tier educational destination in Canada for another 50 years.

Cover of Encore Magazine

The 50th anniversary edition of encore is here.

Take a journey with us as we recap 50 years of excellence.

Take a closer look at our cover photographs.

From its humble beginnings, delivering a handful of programs at its original Welland Campus, Niagara College has grown to more 10,000 students studying in more than 111 diploma, bachelor’s degree and advanced level programs. We’re involved in projects and partnerships around the globe – preparing graduates who are truly world-ready.

Explore our programs
Members attend the groundbreaking ceremony
A temporary outdoor classroom

The temporary classrooms that marked the first days of NC have evolved into some of the most unique learning environments in Canada: leading-edge technology labs, specialized classrooms, on-campus spa, greenhouse, restaurant and Canada’s first Teaching Winery and Teaching Brewery – learning enterprises that have become a model of applied education.

And as we entered our 50th year, we were growing again. Construction was underway on a $50 million campus redevelopment project to further modernize our learning spaces and significantly enhance our students’ experience.

2017-2018 was an exciting time at Niagara College. Our future is bright!

Learn more about campus redevelopment
Board members review a 3d model of the Welland Campus
Ontario Colleges at 50 the start of something amazing

2017 also marked the 50th anniversary of our college system in Ontario.

The celebration of where we’ve come from – and, more importantly, where we’re going – was called The Start of Something Amazing.