How to Document Your Disability

When requesting accommodations for your disability, you will need to provide us with written confirmation of the Functional Limitations of your disability, that is, how your disability impacts your ability to manage your program requirements.

You are not required to disclose your disability diagnosis. It’s your decision whether you want to use any existing documentation (that may disclose your actual disability), or to obtain a Functional Limitations Assessment form from us to have your appropriate health-care provider fill out. Please note that any information you provide to us is strictly confidential.

Note: Existing documentation must be no older than 5 years. If your documentation is older than 5 years your Disability Counsellor can review it and let you know what needs to be updated OR you can choose to have our Functional Limitations Assessment form filled out by the appropriate health-care provider.

The following type of information would be helpful:

  • Your typical symptoms
  • The impact of your disability on your schooling, ie; attention, concentration, learning ability, fatigue, absences etc.
  • The type of medication prescribed and the possible side effect(s)
  • Any permanent or temporary impairment
  • Any treatment that may disrupt your academic program
  • Any other special considerations

For your Doctor

Please download and print the new “Functional Limitations Assessment”, found on the Forms page.

Provide this to your Doctor to complete for our counsellors’ use in helping set up Accommodations for you.

A Guide for You

Do you have questions about Disability Services, and want to know how we can help you? Want a break-down of how it all works? Download the Accessibility Services Support Guide to learn more about our services and how they affect you.

Students with a learning disability

If you have a learning disability, we would also find it very helpful to review your:

  • elementary and high school report cards
  • IEP Documents
  • IPRC Documents
  • any other documents pertaining to your strengths and weaknesses

If you are a high school student, make sure you ask for help from your resource teacher or guidance department before the end of the school year in order to get all this information.