So, you’re starting classes at Niagara College soon…

We understand that you’re probably anxious and nervous, and we hope to make your first contact with our office as smooth as possible.

Please read the steps below to get started. Completing and submitting your forms early will give us more time during our first meeting with you to discuss the important stuff – like the accommodations that you require for your disability.

If you’d like more information about how we can help you, please read our Accessibility Services Support Guide. If you have any questions, please call or email us – we look forward to hearing from you!

  1. Substantiating your Disability Sheet ( Download)

    This sheet tells you what we need for official documentation to be able to grant you academic accommodations for a disability. For students who are eligible for OSAP, it helps us confirm your status as a student with a disability.

    • Bring this document with you to your health-care provider to help them understand what you need to document your disability. You should also take a copy of the Functional Limitations Assessment form (Download) to have your health-care provider complete and sign. You can then set up an appointment with a Counsellor and bring the completed form with you to have it reviewed.
    • If you are still unsure of what you should provide to us after reading these documents, please call us. More information is also available on the How to Document Your Disability page.
  2. Confidentiality Statement Form ( Download)

    This form explains how we respect your confidentiality, and some exceptions to the rule. If you have any questions or concerns your Counsellor will be happy to assist you.

    • Please read and print this form.
    • You will sign this form during your first meeting with a Counsellor.
  3. Expectations of Students/Consent to Release of Information Form ( Download)
    • Students who received assistance from us should respect certain basic rules in order to be successful.
    • Your Counsellor may need to contact your teacher(s) or other College personnel to review your needs, and to ensure that you receive proper assistance during your studies. Such contacts will only include information relevant to your learning.
    • Please read, print, and sign this form.
  4. Functional Limitations Assessment Form ( Download)
    • Students with a disability are no longer required to disclose the nature of their actual disability if they prefer not to. As an alternative, the Functional Limitations Assessment form can be filled out by an appropriate health-care provider; this form will document how your disability affects your daily functioning and ability to complete your program requirements.
    • Please print this form and take it to your health-care provider to complete, after which you’ll call us to set up an appointment with a counsellor to review the information in the form.
  5. Intellectual Property Agreement Form ( Download)
    • This form states that you acknowledge that your professors’ material obtained by audio, video etc. will be used by you personally, and will not be shared through social media sites or other online services.
    • Please read, print and sign this form.
  6. Consent to Disclose Form ( Download)
    • This form gives us permission to disclose personal information about you that you designate to parties that you designate, such as a parent or guardian.
    • If you wish to allow this disclosure, please read, print and sign this form.

Contact Information

Welland Campus

Room: Room AH125
Phone: 111-111-1111 extension 7778
Fax: 111-736-6008
Email: [email protected]

Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus

Room: Room W102
Phone: 111-641-1152 extension 4408
Fax: 111-988-4320
Email: [email protected]