Assistive Technologies

We employ an Assistive Technologist to help students with learning disabilities achieve their full potential.

The right technology, used correctly, can change everything! Assistive technologies consist of any device that allows an individual to accomplish a task by minimizing the effects of a disability. We provide assistive technology training to students with disabilities.

Note: In order to access these services, a student must first meet with an Accessibility Counsellor and provide a valid confirmation of a learning disability.

Assistive technology software and resources

Read & Write


Read&Write is a customizable toolbar for PC and Mac that integrates reading, writing, studying, and research support tools with common applications like MS Word and Popular Web Browsers. Niagara College has a license to Read&Write Gold which allows students to have the software installed on their personal computers for at-home use (PC and Mac).

Contact Jim McEwen at [email protected].


Kurzweil 3000


Kurzweil 3000 is scanning, reading and studying tool often used by people who have learning disabilities.

Keyboard shortcut templates

Print and cut out one of these keyboard shortcut templates and place it above the F-keys on your keyboard for quick reference.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium


ᾮDragonᾯ is a computer speech recognition program that allows people to talk to their computer and have their speech turned into text. When purchasing this program always get the premium version.

  • Training Videos:
  • Other Resources:



Inspiration is used to create pictorial or graphical ways to organize information. This method is also known as mind mapping, concept mapping and webbing.


  • – A resource site about graphic organizing.

Free software
Built-in accessibility options on your computer, phone or tablet
An Android tablet with zoom activated

Did you know that Windows and OSX (Apple) and Android have built-in accessibility options that make it easier to see, hear and use your computer or mobile device?

Free downloads

If you are not sure about any of these programs, please don’t feel you have to use any of these. If your computer starts to act ᾮfunnyᾯ after installing any of these programs, uninstall that program immediately.

  • – Mindmapping software
  • – Text-to-speech application
  • and – Create cue cards and quizzes.