Curriculum Design

A dynamic curriculum is constantly evolving in response to feedback, new instructional formats and approaches, and changing learner needs and contexts. Curriculum changes, whether at the course or program level, should be guided and informed by vocational and academic demands, our personal and professional belief systems, our understanding of how students learn and evidence-based curriculum principles and practices.

Supporting Curriculum Creation and Revision

At the CAE, we advocate for an outcomes-based approach to curriculum development and renewal that invites educators to consider the concrete knowledge, skills, and abilities that students will develop through their involvement in a particular set and sequence of educational experiences.

The CAE supports program- and course-level curriculum development and renewal by providing:

  • Individual consultations and feedback related to proposed curricular changes, associated documents (i.e. course outlines and teaching and learning plans), format of delivery, and/or assessment and teaching practices
  • Targeted research and environmental scans into specific curriculum structures and/or frameworks
  • Curriculum mapping services
  • Guidance for and facilitation of new program development processes
  • The Course Design and Renewal Institute

For more information on the criteria, processes and timelines for making major or minor modifications to course and program curricula, visit our Programs and Curriculum Change Process page.

For more information on program- and course-level outcomes, and the ways in which they interact with and inform course evaluations and teaching methods, review the .

To inquire about any of the supports and services mentioned above, please contact our Project Assistant, Sharon Everett at [email protected].