What Our Students Say

The EA-SNS program has the most amazing team of professors, who are role models of how to support students of all backgrounds, abilities and needs. Not only have I learned so much through their guided lessons, but most importantly I learned how to properly interact with students, develop relationships, and work as a team through observing each of their unique teaching styles. I am forever grateful for their contributions to furthering my education and all of their guidance through this remarkable journey. They are all true examples of how to support and guide students to success. ‘Some superheroes wear capes, other superheroes teach students to become great Educational Assistants!’

Casey Jenkins, Graduate of EA-SNS

Deciding to return to school at my age was a very difficult decision to make. I am happy that I made the choice to come back and do something that I love. This program has provided me with the necessary skills and knowledge that I needed in order to pursue my dreams of helping others. Everyone involved with this program has helped to make my experience of coming back to school an enjoyable one, and one that I will always remember and cherish.

Elena Radowsky, Graduate of EA-SNS