Someone told me that they were sexually assaulted.

What should I do?

A person may choose to confide in someone they trust about an act of sexual violence, such as a friend, instructor, or coach. An individual who has experienced sexual violence may also disclose to staff when seeking support and/or academic accommodation. A supportive response involves:

  • listening without judgement and accepting the disclosure as true;
  • communicating that sexual violence is never the responsibility of the survivor;
  • helping the individual identify and/or access available on- or off-campus services, including emergency medical care and counselling;
  • respecting the individual’s right to choose the services they feel are most appropriate and to decide whether to report to the Police and/or the Director, Student Services;
  • recognizing that disclosing can be traumatic and an individual’s ability to recall the events may be limited;
  • respecting the individual’s choices as to what and how much is disclosed about the experience, and;
  • making every effort to respect confidentiality and anonymity.