About Trina Washington

Trina Washington

Trina Washington
Counsellor, Health, Wellness & Accessibility Services
111-111-1111 x 4171
[email protected]

As an Accessibility Counsellor, Trina is responsible for developing academic accommodation plans and the delivery of counselling support for students with disabilities. She is involved in advisory committees for both Niagara College and Niagara University. Trina maintains professional membership with OACCPP and the Ontario College of Social Work. Her twenty-plus years of experience in working with persons with disabilities assists her in her day-to-day work with the students at Niagara College.

Trina enjoys the many challenges that students present in her day-to-day work with them. Her greatest reward is attending graduation ceremonies at the College and recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of the students that she has the privilege of working with.