Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

A (MSDS) contains all the pertinent information about a chemical, including such things as possible hazards, first aid measures, personal protection requirements, and ingredients.

MSDS Database

To view the MSDS for chemicals located at Niagara College, you may access our MSDS database using this shortcut web address: vnmanga.info/msds.

  • Please save this link for quick reference during an emergency.
  • If you receive an MSDS with any products that you order, please forward it to the Health and Safety Department for inclusion in our database.
  • Equally importantly, please notify Health and Safety if you discontinue use of any particular controlled product, as fees for MSDS compliance are based on the number of individual MSDS’s on record.
Hard Copies

Although the Health and Safety Department has a master file of all MSDS’s, each department is strongly encouraged to provide a hardcopy of each MSDS where the chemical is stored or used.

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

The (WHMIS) is a program that was enacted to reduce the risk of injuries, sickness, and disease in the workplace by educating workers on the proper use, handling, and identification of hazardous materials. All employees that work with or in proximity to controlled products (ie. compressed gas, flammable, combustible, oxidizing, toxic, bio-hazardous, corrosive, or reactive materials) must receive this training.


There is an on-line WHMIS tutorial available to our employees who wish to receive training in this area. Please contact the Health and Safety Department if you are interested. The entire tutorial takes approximately 3 hours. However, you can exit the program at any point and resume where you left off at any time.