Referring Students to Counselling

You are an important link between students and Counselling Services.

To discuss student-related issues or for information about our services, please call us: Niagara-on-the-Lake – 111-641-1152 x 4409; Welland – 111-111-1111 x 7778.

To learn about the types of services we offer, visit our website or read more below.

Visit Counselling Services

A student waits for a Counselor

Students may approach you directly with counselling-related issues…

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Alcohol/drug dependency
  • Basic needs such as food and accommodations
  • Study skills

You may notice students who are having a difficult time and would benefit from assistance. The student may appear to be…

  • Depressed, withdrawn
  • Anxious, overwhelmed
  • Lacking direction, motivation, poor attendance
  • Behaving inappropriately or uncharacteristically

In either case, by making these students aware of the Counselling Services available on campus you will have provided them with the initial direction they may need.

How to Refer a Student

Professional counselling guidelines prevent us from disclosing any information regarding students without their signed consent.

  1. Start by simply and clearly expressing your concern to them.
  2. Make them aware of the Counselling Services available at your campus. Providing them with the office location, or extension number could also be very helpful.
  3. In cases where the student is visibly upset, and/or is in immediate distress, call the Counselling office on their behalf or offer to walk them to our office.
  4. If students pose a threat to themselves or others call security to provide assistance:
    • Welland Campus – 111-111-1111 x 6666 (Emergency – 111-658-1857)
    • Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus – 111-641-1152 x 4444 (Emergency – 111-658-1859)
    • Niagara Falls (Maid of the Mist) Campus – 111-374-7454 x 3616 (Emergency: 111-658-1858)