• Benchmark Food

presents an exciting dining opportunity – showcasing food, wine and beer created, prepared and presented by students from the programs at Niagara College’s Canadian Food and Wine Institute.

Our rotating menu remains local and seasonal, including college-grown, regional and provincial bounties. Menu offerings are based on our academic semesters, allowing students time to hone these skill sets and attain success at great culinary destinations at home and around the world. .

Updates & Specials

BBAH Charity Luncheon

Fancy meal that also helps support the NCSAC Nourishing Minds Fund? Perfection.

January 8th, the BBAH is hosting a charity luncheon in the always amazing Benchmark. Just think.. amazing view, incredible menu, and only $20 that gets you all of it.

Want a seat? Visit www.ncbenchmark.ca/luncheon

Holiday Hours

Benchmark will be closed from December 17 – January 9, 2018. Happy Holidays!

New Winter Menu

to download our winter menu!

Holiday Cookie Tins

in the Canadian Food and Wine Institute is once again offering the Holiday Cookie Tins proudly made by the students and staff!

We wanted you to be the first to know, as you ordered last year and didn’t want you to miss out!

Let our team do your holiday baking for you! We have increased the number of cookies, selection and size of the tin.

The tin includes approx. 48 cookies, with assorted flavours including Raspberry Crinkle cookies, Gingerbread, Chocolate Sugar, Sugar, Cranberry Orange Biscotti.

There are 4 pickup dates to choose from and they are able to be

Tins are $36.00 and include taxes!
Happy Holidays!


CFWI Signature Events 2017-2018

 for dates and specific information for CFWI events throughout the year. Be sure to check our Facebook for up-to-date information, photos, and more.

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