Apply – Canadian Applicants

Apply to a Full-time Program

Applications to colleges in Ontario are not done through the colleges themselves. Instead, an application service called manages all applications.

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  1. Browse our programs and check the admission requirements. Most programs have a September, January or May start. You may apply to multiple programs. Missing admission requirements? Please contact  Enrolment Services to review your options.
  2. Check Program Availability to be sure that the program you are interested in is accepting applications.
  3. Apply online at or by telephone to 1-888-892-1128. You may apply to a total of 5 programs, with no more than 3 programs at any one college. A non-refundable application fee of $95.00 is required. Please visit Application Dates for information regarding application deadlines.
  4. Our Enrolment Services Office will send you an email message and mail an Acknowledgement Letter to you after your application has been received from  The mailing will include important information regarding specific pre-admission requirements and due dates for test scores, portfolio and transcript submissions.
  5. Enrolment Services Decisions will be released according to the scheduled Application Dates.

Note: Before adding a program choice to your application it is highly recommended that you review all admission and application requirements for the program. It is your responsibility to ensure that all requirements are completed and submitted to the Enrolment Services office by the submission deadline.

Part-Time Studies

Visit the Part-Time Studies website for a list of all courses and part-time programs. Courses are paid for individually. Some programs may have individual application requirements.

Please note that this Enrolment Services website is meant to serve applicants to full-time programs. All information regarding part-time programs, including admission requirements, can be found on the Part-Time Studies website.