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A special announcement about an MOU we are signing today with Canopy Growth Corporation at Tweed Farms in Niagara-on-the-Lake.
Happy Easter from NC
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The final dollar amount has been announced for funds raised at this year's Seafood Gala. All funds go towards student success, via scholarships and bursaries. Thank you to our generous community for their continued support. Find out how much was raised:

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Seth Wiens
· 16 april 2018
Professors are amazing. Classes are fun and interesting.

However the parking lots are terrible. Lots of pot holes. And then in the winter days they don’t bother clearing spaces of snow. Which makes t...hen un-usable. I saw 5 spaces up front covered in snow today (April 16 2018)

What really makes me angry is that I pay to use their parking. Full of pot holes and full of snow.

They should really clean this up and show us students that they care. Don’t just promise us that something will be done. What is the parking pass money being used for?

That, or give us our parking pass money back.
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· 1 april 2018
Hey all, I have applied for graduate certificate in international business and have also received a Pre Admission letter. So can anyone please tell me that if I submit The fee mentioned in the letter ...then my seat will be booked and will I get an offer letter.?

And also what are the reasons for rejection after this and will the fee be refunded
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Ankush Kumar Upadhayay
· 24 maart 2018
Hello every one i just get the acceptance letter from the college, could any one help me about the further process, shall i have to pay tution fee before i get the visa, or if what if i get regected f...rom the immigration, thank you Meer weergeven
· 18 februari 2018
I will come in sept intake 2018 at Niagara course is computer programmer.if anybody have the same college or course then contact me at 9814216019 so that we can know each other.
· 25 april 2018
I have applied for recreational therapist and got Pre acceptance letter... If I will pay $1500 CAD which is non refundable...and after paying that fee suppose I could not get the letter of acceptance.......may I get the $1500 CAD refunded!? Meer weergeven
Priya Markand
· 2 december 2017
Hii i am coming to niagara college for graduate course in hospitality and tourism for january 2018 intake. I need an indian girl as a room mate to share a double room. Anyone interested?? Please rever...t for more details. Thank you. Meer weergeven
· 12 december 2017
Hi guys i have enrolled in hospitality and tourism management course for jan intake .. need help for accommodation in sharing so any one of you guys could help me out with that would be great ..
· 3 december 2017
I'm planning on taking the practical nursing program at Niagara college. How are the profressors? Do students gain a lot of experience from the program? And how are the coop placements in Niagara?...I... still need to research more info on this program at this college, but i would like to know from students who are currently taking the RPN course. Meer weergeven
· 26 februari 2018
Super excited to be enrolled to the January 2019 welding technician class. I’ve done tours around the school and been in the class and I’m super excited to learn news skills and techniques!!
Jaskaran Sandhu
· 13 februari 2018
I like this college very much bcz teachers are very nice.Moreover,study style is very unique and easy.
Linda Heyes Graham
· 28 december 2017
the Christmas cookies was the best gift I could have given .... delicious I'll be ordering more next year (be prepared) my friends too. Thanks, think it was Sheila.
· 29 maart 2018
Niagara College is a college of applied arts and technology in the Niagara region , Canada.Great staff.Overall new facilities, relaxed atmosphere and top class education.
· 5 december 2017
hey everyone .. i'm moving from Winnipeg , Manitoba CA in jan 2018 intake for customs border services program . i'm looking for accommodation, if any one is looking for sharing or know anyone who is... interested plz contact ... i'll really appreciate your help thank you ... Meer weergeven
· 14 maart 2018
I wasn’t “wowed” by the school. If you like a small school it will be good for you.
· 11 december 2017
I mean... I wouldn't recommend it. Whatever floats your boat I guess but the film side of broadcasting is sub-par at best.
· 17 april 2018
I got a pre admission letter and have paid the nominal amount for reserving a seat 3 weeks ago.
After that whats the process should i pay the rest amount or should i wait for any official letter to come ??
· 13 november 2017
Happy to have enrolled for january 2018 batch of hospitality and tourism in Niagara college. Looking for accommodation near Niagara on the lake campus. Inbox me if anyone's going in the same batch and... looking for student housing ..😎😊 Meer weergeven
Dr-Sridhar Jayadev
· 2 november 2017
Hello everyone, Am Sridhar from India. I am planning to take pharmacy technician course. Please give your valuable insight about the course in the college, opportunities for a part time job and also t...he job opportunities.
Thank you.
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Brandon Alexander Rodrigues
· 1 september 2017
Has anyone completed or is still doing the environmental management and assessment course here? And how is the course, teaching staff, college and everything in general? I would really appreciate any ...sort of help or advice. Thank you in advance. Meer weergeven
· 11 november 2017
Bleed blue
Every thing was good
I felt like it was my first day in college ...
We missed you this I was surprised lol
But ok
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