On September 4, 1967 Mr. Fred Harvie, a retired principal from Thorold Secondary High School, created the Facilities Management Services Department. Mr. Harvie was hired to serve as a special assistant to Dr. George Bowen, Niagara College’s first president.

The college at that time consisted of one lone building, the ᾮInitial Buildingᾯ as it was known. This building was later renamed the ᾮHennipin Buildingᾯ. That was the beginning, look what has happened since…

Date Campus Building / Wing
1968 Welland Portables #1, 2 and 3
1968 Welland Mackenzie Building
1969 Welland Mackenzie Building Annex
1970 Welland Black Walnut Building
1971 Welland Voyageur Building
1973 Welland Voyageur Extension
1973 Welland Tecumseh Building
1973 Welland Simcoe Building
1976 Welland Merritt Building
1976 Welland Lundy Building
1989 Maid of Mist Hospitality and Tourism Building
1990 Welland Portable #5
1991 Welland Student Centre Building
1992 Welland Portable #6 and 7
1993 Welland Portable #8
1995 Welland Child Care Centre Building
1997 Welland Student Residence
1998 Welland Technical Skills Building
1998 Niagara on the Lake Main Complex Building
1999 Niagara on the Lake Greenhouse, Retail/Teaching Building
1999 Niagara on the Lake Winery and Barn Building
2000 Niagara on the Lake Student Residence
2001 Welland Niagara Regional Police Training Building
2002 Welland Children’s Safety Village
2003 Welland Niagara Centre YMCA
2003 Niagara on the Lake Niagara Culinary Institute
2006 Welland Technical Skills Building Addition
2009 Welland Heavy Skills Building
2009 Niagara on the Lake Wine Visitor and Education Centre
2010 Welland Academic Wing
2010 Welland Athletic and Student Centre Wing
2010 Niagara on the Lake Niagara Culinary Institute Expansion
2010 Welland Technology Addition 4 Building – Renamed Rankin Technology Centre
2010 Niagara on the Lake Teaching Brewery Building
2011 Welland Applied Health Institute Wing
2013 Niagara on the Lake Teaching Brewery Building Expansion
2016 Welland Walker Advanced Research Centre
2016 Niagara on the Lake Canadian Food and Wine Institute Expansion

*Note: The Maid of the Mist Campus underwent a name change to the Niagara Falls Campus in 2015.