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Hospitality, Tourism and Sport Management are big businesses. Multi-million dollar facilities, multi-national brands, diverse workforces, mega-events, world class standards and competition have all radically changed these high growth industries. Combining ᾮbig dataᾯ analytics, multiple revenue streams and profit centers into operations, sales and marketing is a primary focus of these expanding and increasingly sophisticated industries. Management personnel with the specialized abilities and credentials are required for today’s complex challenges.

Located at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus, the School of Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports is at the epicentre of the Hospitality, Tourism and Golf industry. Niagara is Canada’s golf capital and Niagara welcomes millions of visitors annually. Hospitality, Tourism & Sport offers programs that will advance your career. We offer a number of different courses, including Sport Management, Event Management, Golf Management, Hospitality, Tourism, Spa, Esthetics and Bachelor of Business Administration: Hospitality.

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