What Our Students Say

The practical and hands on experience associated with this program is truly invaluable. The personal approach to the student experience through highly skilled professors was a tangible element I was unable to achieve in my previous education. The program challenged my skill set and abilities and made me into the professional I am. I entered the industry with a competitive edge to my portfolio, with confidence and with a great deal of respect for the program and college.

Samantha Filippelli, 2014 Event Management graduate, Special Events Coordinator, Niagara Casinos

The Event Management program has provided me with more hands-on industry experience than I could have ever anticipated. The program challenged me in ways that revealed both my strengths and weaknesses, and helped me grow as a professional and as an individual. The program faculty and coordinator provide guidance and support to each student. They provide students a wealth of industry knowledge daily and prepare them for industry. This program has truly transformed the direction of my life, as it has prepared me with the industry knowledge and leadership experience needed to excel in my current career as an Event Manager.

Jessica Steers, 2014 Event Management Graduate

As one of a select few colleges offering an Event Management program, I was immediately drawn to Niagara College and all that this program had to offer. The Niagara College Event Management Graduate Certificate is an innovative program that has given me the opportunity to study an emerging field and challenge my capabilities. Practical, hands-on experience through program events and placement opportunities have developed my skills and enhanced the value of my abilities. I am now entering the field of event management as a capable and experienced planner.

Janelle MacPherson-Kenney, Event Management graduate

The Event Management program at Niagara College gave me a great balance of class room learning while gaining hands on experience. With the skills developed in class and placement opportunities I became well equipped to emerge in the event management industry. After completing this program it gave me a competitive edge in finding a position as an event manager. Working today in the event industry I use the knowledge that I learned from Niagara College on a daily basis.

Emily Bird, Development Coordinator, Trillium Health Partners Foundation

I found that the Event Management program offered extensive education that included priceless hands-on experience planning actual events. The program included placement hours that give you ᾮreal lifeᾯ work experience. I was specifically told when I was offered my first event job that I was chosen because of my educational background at Niagara.

Jennifer Willes, Event Management (Graduate Certificate) graduate