New telephone voice activation system to launch Jan. 10

As mentioned before Christmas, the College is implementing a new voice-activated automated attendant for our phone system. It will come into service Tuesday January 10th around noon.

The system has been designed to provide faster service for callers to the College without the need, in most cases, to engage the Switchboard. and we ask that all staff make full use of this system to expedite internal calls. For staff or anyone else on campus, the system can be accessed by dialing extension 7111 from any phone. As well, after-hours callers will be able to access services with extended hours, leave a voicemail message for a user, and if directed to the Switchboard, they’ll hear an announcement informing them of the college’s regular business hours and will be asked to call back then for assistance. ITS is finishing testing and setting up the system, so please do not call the internal 7111 extension until the system is released.

With the new system, callers will be able to simply say the first AND last name of the person, or the name of the department or service, that they wish to reach. Callers will also be able to enter the extension directly without entering ᾮ1ᾯ first. Assistance can be accessed by saying the word ᾮhelpᾯ. Anyone that has pre-programmed extension numbers with a ᾮ1ᾯ in front of the extension will need to remove this once the system is activated.

Many areas of the College have been consulted to optimize the call routing structure in order to ensure accurate transfers. While the new system is mature and has been throughly tested, routing issues or mis-interpretations on the part of the voice response system may occur. In these cases, ITS would like your help in identifying these situations so that they can be corrected – keep in mind that if you’re having issues, then others are probably having these same issues.

ITS would like you to email the help desk ([email protected]) if any of the following issues occur:
1) If you are getting calls that should be directed to a different area, please ask the caller what department or person was requested and email this information.
2) If you feel a specific area has been overlooked in the menu hierarchy, please provide a description of the issue
3) If the system is interpreting a name or your name wrong, please advise

If you have any additional questions please direct them to the ITS Help Desk

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