Joint Health and Safety Award

Niagara College believes it is important to acknowledge employees who are committed to promoting and enhancing the highest degree of well-being within the college community. These individuals exemplify outstanding characteristics in the following areas:

  • The promotion of health and safety
  • The effective identification of hazards
  • The development of solutions
  • The identification of health and safety resources

The annual award for Health and Safety can be bestowed on anyone from Faculty, Support or Administration. All full-time and regular part-time staff are eligible to be nominated. The person(s) selected to receive special recognition will be announced at Niagara Day.

Nomination Procedures

Any full-time or regular part-time employee of Niagara College may nominate or second a candidate.

  • Nominations will be sent to the Manager of Health and Safety.
  • The nominations must be seconded by three other employees and accompanied by a narrative (maximum three pages).
  • Nominations will be accepted up until June 1 of each year.
  • Final selection will be completed by June 30 of each year.
  • Self-nominations may not be accepted.

The following characteristics should be considered when preparing submissions:

Health and Safety Awareness:
  • Care of control of work area
  • Safety training and education
  • Record-keeping
  • Reporting of hazards
  • House-keeping
  • Follow-up on health and safety related issues
  • Health and safety action plan
  • Promotion of excellent health and safety practices
  • Knowledge of legislation and health and safety policies
Personal Qualities:
  • Dependable/Reliable
  • Considerate of others
  • Co-operative
  • Integrity
  • Role Model
  • Extraordinary effort
Customer Service Skills:
  • Takes time to assist others
  • Positive, caring approach
  • Investigates/follows through to address needs
  • Initiative
Work Performance:
  • Team player
  • Shares expertise/ideas

Nomination Form

Download Nomination Form

Selection Process

The award recipient will be chosen by the members of the Joint Health and Safety Committee.