Non-Profit Projects

The New Media Web Design program at Niagara College accepts applications for website development projects. Preference is given to non-profit organizations and projects that utilize the skills taught in the classroom.

Students use various technologies including WordPress, Foundation, HTML5 and CSS3, PHP, and responsive web design to create site that are both desktop and mobile-friendly. Students develop sites using various technologies depending on client needs.

Because of the limited time frame and the educational nature of the work the following is asked of clients:

  • Propose the project in the Fall term (beginning in September).
  • Have all content prepared before the January start date.
  • Provide a prioritized list of devices required to launch site.
  • Be available to meet weekly with the students at the Niagara College Welland Campus.
  • Be prepared to give constructive content guidance and feedback to the students.
  • Assume responsibility for site maintenance after the end of the term or make arrangements with student developers independent of the course and program.

Our company has been fortunate to hire a number of highly qualified students emerging from the Multimedia Web Design Program. … We are confident that graduates will have a strong focus on multimedia web design and it’s relationship to database driven systems. The Internet is an extremely dynamic medium and the requirements for a successful career in this field are numerous, varied, and ever evolving. Niagara College continues to fine tune its curriculum to meet the challenges of the future in a way that local industry can benefit from the academic foundation that it provides. Meridian looks forward to continuing it’s relationship with Niagara College into the future.

John Pinter, Founder, Meridian Reservation Systems