What Our Students Say

My time enrolled in the Public Relations program at Niagara College was one of the most effective and influential experiences of my academic career. With a full staff of highly-motivated instructors, and courses tailored to reflect the true atmosphere of the industry this program perfectly prepares its students for the fast-paced world of Public Relations. By offering a course load that is reflective of both the intensity and quantity of the industry, students are able to enter the work force with hands on experience and a relevant skill set that will undoubtedly impress future employers.

Adam Lalama, Class of 2014-2015

Completing the Graduate Certificate Public Relations program at Niagara College was one of the most fulfilling accomplishments in my academic career. The program provided invaluable resources and knowledge that I will continue to use in the workplace. The amazingly talented faculty provided support and opportunities for students to succeed and consciously focus on the endgame, a career in Public Relations. The workload is realistic in an industry that is competitive, creative and challenging. To complete my education feeling prepared and confident in my abilities was incredibly rewarding.

Dana Connor, Class of 2014-2015

Taking the Public Relations program at Niagara College was the best career-based decision I have ever made. As a recent university graduate with a passion for public relations, Niagara College was able to offer me a fast-paced program, with real industry experience and skills, easily applied in the work force. This program provided me with various PR and strategic communications skills, which prepared me for a diverse career. The best thing about this program is its ability to provide a medium classroom size, which increased student participation and engagement, offered a more inclusive environment, and more personalized teaching for students.

Erika Navarro, Class of 2014-2015

The Public Relations program at Niagara College offers a hands-on and fast paced approach to learning – perfect for students looking to gain an understanding of both the practical and theoretical aspects of the communications field. Niagara College’s PR program exposes students to real-world scenarios and clients giving them the confidence and experience needed to succeed. With courses taught by a range of PR pros and plenty of networking opportunities, PR at NC is an incomparable program.

Brittany Arnold, Class of 2014-2015