Add/Change Courses in NICOLE

Getting Started

  1. Click the ᾮMy Registrationᾯ link and then ᾮSelect/Manage Timetable (NICOLE)ᾯ.
  2. Starting on the dates posted in your Student Portal, you may be able to customize your timetable or add courses to your timetable, pending availability. The Customize and Add Courses links will shut down after the 5th day of the term.
    Example of dates for customizing your timetable
  3. Some programs do not have access to Customize due to lab restrictions. If this is the case, there will be a message posted at the bottom of your Enrollment page.
    A sample of a no customization message

Changing Classes (Sections)

Follow the above instructions first.

  1. Click the ᾮCustomize Your Timetableᾯ link. All post secondary courses that you are enrolled in (daytime, evening and online) will appear here. Some courses will have multiple classes available and you may be able to change from your current section into another section. Click on Change Day/Time to view all the classes (sections) for a course.A screenshot showing where the Change Day Time link is
  2. In the example below, there are 2 sections available that are not yet full; one is offered at night, and the other conflicts with your current timetable. Click on Change to this Class if you wish to move to the other section. A screenshot displaying where the Change to this Class link is
  3. Do not close your browser until you click on Yes to confirm your enrollment. You are not enrolled in your new class until you receive the following confirmation page.
    A screenshot showing a course update success

Adding Courses

  1. Once you have selected your Timetable Block, you may Add Courses that have part-time seats allocated to them. This may be a section of a course from another level in your program, or an evening delivery or an Ontario Learn ( Online ) delivery. If you are trying to replace a day course (e.g., PSYC1111 with the evening delivery of this course) you will want to ensure you Drop the daytime class first, prior to selecting the evening or online offering. You can look at the Schedule of Courses to see if the course fits with your timetable, prior to dropping any course.

  2. Using the Add Courses link, you can also add courses to your current course load, without dropping any existing courses. By doing this, your status will change to Over Full-Time Course Load and you will be required to agree to additional fees, prior to enrolling. Unless you go to the Drop Courses link with in 10 days of the start of term and drop a class of equal credit value , you will be responsible for any additional fees . You will be invoiced for these additional courses shortly after the 10th day of term (check the Dates Calendarfor the official 10th day). You may pay using online/tele-banking (through your bank) , or in person at the Registrar’s Office.
    A screenshot showing a student who has selected a course over their credit maximum