How-to – Basic MyNC Navigation

Having problems? If at any point you receive an unexplained error, close your browser window and try again. The system may be busy. If you are still having problems, go to step 7 or click the ᾮContact Usᾯ link within NICOLE for help.

  1. After logging in, you will land on the ᾮMyNC Portalᾯ home page. To select your timetable, access your grades, print your tax receipts, and much more, select ᾮDashboardᾯ. Some options may not be available if you have not confirmed your Offer of Admission or paid your fees.

    Take a moment to become acquainted with the different options within the MyNC Portal.


  2. The Niagara College Online Enrollment System (NICOLE) can be accessed by clicking on the ᾮManage Registrationᾯ link found in ᾮMy Student Recordᾯ, and then the ᾮSelect/Manage Timetable (NICOLE)ᾯ link.

    NICOLE is the system where you can select your timetable, add/change course or drop courses from your current timetable.

  3. Every time you log in to the NICOLE system, you will be asked to confirm acceptance of our Registration and Enrolment policies. Please read this carefully, as the information can change from time to time, and then press ᾮI Acceptᾯ.

  4. A sample overview of the NICOLE landing page

    This is a sample view of what your NICOLE landing page will look like.

    You will now be on your NICOLE home page. Be sure to check the ᾮWelcomeᾯ message, as it will change from time to time. The top panel is specific to you and your program. Please ensure that your name, plan and level (term) are correct before proceeding. Take note of your status: in this example, the student has not begun enroling so none of the information is filled in. Once the enrolment process begins, these values will change to show full-time, part-time, and the actual number of courses and credits.

  5. Within the top panel you will notice the ᾮCredit Requirementsᾯ link. The Credit Requirements section will display the number of credits included in your full-time tuition, the minimum number of credits required to maintain full-time status, and the minimum number of credits required to remain eligible for OSAP. This credit values are specific to your program (plan) and term (level).
    A view of the top information panel within NICOLE

    A view of the panel within NICOLE displaying the Credit Requirements link, highlighted in a red box.

  6. Having problems? Don’t panic! To the right of the top panel is a ᾮContact Usᾯ link. This link allows you to send an email to [email protected]be sure to include your student number, name and phone number, as well as a detailed explanation of the problem. The Registrar’s Office will reply within 24 hours, during normal business hours from Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Don’t worry; we will get you enrolled in your courses!