Troubleshooting Internet Explorer 10

IE10 loading icon

You may receive a loading icon in the right-hand corner of your screen (within red box in our example).

When trying to log in to MyNC using Internet Explorer 10, you may experience the ᾮnever ending loadingᾯ issue, where the page never loads. This may happen when trying to access your timetable in NICOLE.

This can be remedied by putting IE10 into ᾮcompatibility modeᾯ. Continue reading for instructions.

Tip: If you are having problems logging in to MyNC, we suggest that you try a different browser, such as or . If you would prefer to keep using Internet Explorer 10, then please continue reading for instructions.

  1. Within Internet Explorer, look for the address bar. This is where the address of the page will be.
  2. IE compability icon
    Now, look within the address bar on the far right side. You should see an icon that looks like a piece of paper ripped in half. Click the ripped paper icon. Once clicked, the icon will turn blue.To access this option via the menu system, press ALT + T on your keyboard, and then move down to highlight the ᾮCompatibility Viewᾯ option by using your down arrow key. Press Enter.

  3. Hit CTRL+F5 on your keyboard to reload the page.
  4. Attempt to access the timetable functions within NICOLE again. If done correctly you should see the following page:

    A screenshot of NICOLE once logged in

    On the correct page there will be information including the current term, a link to ᾮCredit Requirementsᾯ, your name, plan, level, status and so on. There will be links including ᾮNICOLE Homeᾯ, ᾮSelf Service Homeᾯ, ᾮView Timetableᾯ and ᾮKey Datesᾯ. There will be a notice on the page talking about Refunds and Withdrawals, and an ᾮI Acceptᾯ button.

If you continue to have issues, we suggest that you download a different browser.