How to Print Your Timetable

  1. Once you have selected your timetable block and, if applicable, your elective choice (s), you may click View Timetable. When adding, changing or dropping courses from your timetable, you may view your new timetable with each modification. The View Timetable link will be available throughout the term, even when the Select Your Timetable Block link is closed.
    View Timetable screenshot
  2. View timetable as of: – The system will display all the valid ‘as of’ dates applicable to your timetable. Whenever there is a change to your timetable (ex. if a new class starts or a scheduling change occurs to an existing class) an additional date link will display. You may have courses that start at various times during the term, or you may be enrolled in a Part-Time Studies (evening or online) course. Note: Your online courses will display the main timetable in its own table.
    Screenshot of View timetable as of
  3. Click ᾮPrintᾯ. Depending on your browser and printer, you may have to change your Printer Setup > Page Orientation to Landscape view.
    Print timetable

Please note that timetables are subject to change up to the 5th day of classes. Please reprint your timetable on the first day of classes to ensure there hasn’t been a room or time change.