Set my MyNC Account Password

If you are a new user, please follow these directions to set your password.

  1. Go to .
  2. Enter your student number (found on any hard copy correspondence from the Registrar’s Office, including Acknowledgement Letter, Offer of Admission and Fee Statement) and date of birth, then click Next.  Birth date is formatted as YYYY-MM-DD where:
    • YYYY = the year you were born (1985 = 1985)
    • MM = the number of the month you were born (June = 06, July = 07)
    • DD = the day of the month you were born (if 1 through 9, enter as 01-09)

    For example if you were born on July 20th, 1985 you would need to input 1985-07-20, including the hyphens.

  3. Enter a new password and then select a security question and answer it, then click ᾮNextᾯ.
  4. After clicking ᾮNextᾯ the screen will display all of your computer account information for logging onto MyNC.Important: After paying your fees, you will also use this information to log into Blackboard and your Student Email. Take a screen shot of this information and email it to yourself, or print it out for your safekeeping.
  5. If you receive a ᾮFailureᾯ message please follow these steps again. If you are still experiencing difficulties, contact the Help Desk at 111-111-1111 ext. 7642 or email [email protected].

Note: The username and password that you set up will also be used for Blackboard, your Student Email, and logging onto campus lab computers. Your accounts will unlock after payment has been received. Please allow 2-3 business days for your tuition payment to process.