Your OntarioLearn course may require you to write an in-person or online exam.


  • January Students:
  • February Students: Exam registration will open April 30, 2018.
  • March Students: Exam registration will open May 14, 2018.

OntarioLearn Non-Niagara College Students:
All OntarioLearn Non-Niagara College students who wish to write at Niagara College will be charged an exam sitting fee of $50 per exam. To secure a midterm or final exam booking, please email: [email protected]. Please do not use the online booking system.


About OntarioLearn Exams

  • Online OntarioLearn exams must be written by the Saturday following the course end date, and are usually written in the final week of the course. No examinations will be written after the Saturday following your course end date.
  • If you live within 111 kms of Niagara College, you must write all proctored tests/exams on our Welland campus. If you cannot write your exam at Niagara College, you may arrange for a proctor.
  • Online exam registration begins three weeks prior to the course end date.
  • Exam extensions will only be considered for health-related reasons, and students must provide a doctor’s note.
  • Exams will only be prepared for students who book a final exam.
  • In order for you to write your exam, you must provide a Photo ID at time of exam.
  • Students who fail to schedule or attend their exam will receive a ZERO on their final exam.
  • Exams for many courses are typically done in large blocks, at one time. When booking your exam, search for the host course code from Niagara College (the course code listed on the course outline).

Exam location

All exams are written at the Niagara College Welland Campus. Room locations will be listed beside the time/date choices when you book your exam. Please remember to print out this information.

If you live within 111 kms of Niagara College, you will be expected to write your final exam at the Welland Campus.

Exam confirmation

You will receive an email confirmation after registration.  Your choice of date and time will be final unless you are otherwise advised by Niagara College Online Learning.

Exam dates

Exam schedules and registration will differ depending on when you may have started your online course. Students are encouraged to register as soon as exam sessions are available for your intake. Students who require proctored mid-term exams should email [email protected] with mid-term dates and information.

Proctored exams

Many online courses require you to write a proctored exam at Niagara College (or other OntarioLearn College location). Verify that you have an exam by reading the course outline provided by the instructor. Failure to register or write your exam will result in a mark of ZERO for the exam.

You must register for your exam at least 36 hours before it’s scheduled.

3 ways to book and write your exam:

Write at an
Ontario College Near You

Arrange for
a Proctor