Frequently Asked Questions

Is OntarioLearn right for me?

In addition to the study skills that are necessary for post-secondary learning, there are some specific skills that you will need for online learning with OntarioLearn. These include:

  • extra emphasis on goal-setting, self-discipline and time management
  • ability to monitor your own progress
  • willingness to ask for help when required
  • persistence in searching for information
  • basic computing knowledge and computer communication skills

You are most likely to succeed in OntarioLearn courses if you:

  • have confidence in yourself as an independent learner
  • are willing and able to meet deadlines on your own initiative, read material for yourself that would normally be discussed in the classroom and work through self-marked exercises on your own as required

You will be expected to:

  • have a computer with a connection to the Internet
  • find out from the instructor when assignments are due
  • submit assignments on time
  • register for your exam

Computer requirements

  • A ᾮtypicalᾯ home computer is generally enough to successfully complete an OntarioLearn course.
  • A connection to the Internet is a necessity and is your responsibility.
  • Word Processing software will be required to complete and submit electronic copies of assignments. We recommend Microsoft Word.
  • Specific software may be required for some courses. Consult the course details page for information on required software for your course. You are responsible for having the correct software to take your course. (Example: You may need PowerPoint, Simply Accounting, Excel, etc.)
  • An email account, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail, is required.

Course loads

You may enrol in more than one online course at a time, however, please understand that the workload of an online course equals or is greater than an in-class course. You do have the freedom to log on at your convenience, but you must be wary of workloads.

Niagara College will not limit the number of courses you may enrol in at one time. This is left to your discretion.