OntarioLearn Student Guide

Read this handy guide for step-by-step instructions of how to complete an OntarioLearn course, from start to finish.

  1. Register for a course

    First, browse the our available OntarioLearn courses. Gather the course details required for registration. You will need the Course Code and Class Number. Note: We now offer monthly intake for some online courses. Be sure to check all available online learning term calendars for your desired course.

    Prior to registering for a course, students may wish to view the Course Outline (CO) for details about a given course. To look up course outlines use the Niagara College Course Outline tool. Course Outlines are the property of the host college, which is why you will see Course Outlines from the college hosting the course.

    Ready to register? Great! If you need help, you can find detailed registration instructions here.

  2. Get your textbook

    Go to and using the dropdown, select your course, then click the “Search Now” button. The textbook(s) for your course will be displayed, and may be purchased online from textnet.


    The Welland Campus Bookstore.

    Students should not break the seal until they have received direction from their instructor. Books with broken seals cannot be returned for a full refund.

    If you are purchasing a Home Inspection textbook, please visit the . Use promo code ONNia979.

    If your course is not listed and you know that you require a textbook, please call us at 111-111-1111 extension 7606 or 7525.

  3. Check important dates

    For important dates, including class start and end dates, check Important Dates for your term under the ᾮOntarioLearnᾯ heading.

  4. Log in to your online course

    You may log in to your online course on or after your course start date. You will not have access to your course until the start date listed for your class number. If you register after the start date, please allow up to 2 business days for your access to be activated.

    1. Go to and click ᾮLoginᾯ to enter the OntarioLearn ePortal Site.
    2. Your username is nc- plus the first three letters of your first name, followed by the first nine letters of your last name (lowercase, no spaces). For a total of 15 characters including ᾮnc-ᾮ. For example, if your name is “John Cuthbertson”, your username would be nc-johcuthberts.
    3. Your default password is newone.OntarioLearn Login Video Tutorial – This two minute video tutorial demonstrates how to log in to the online course system.
    4. You will be asked to read the Online Student Code of Conduct and agree with their terms.
    5. You will be asked to change your password from the default to one of your choosing.
    6. Review all ᾮStart Upᾯ announcements once you have successfully logged in to the .Note – The following courses are not OntarioLearn courses and are hosted on the Niagara College Blackboard System instead: COMP1421, COMP1501, ADED1031, EVMT1112, EVMT1114, EVMT1116. Log in through the Blackboard Portal to access these courses. You will need your student ID number.Use the Niagara College Blackboard system to get your username and password and to access the login page for your course. You will need your student number to access it. If you do not have this information you will need to come into the college to retrieve it at the Registrar’s Office.
  5. Tips for online students

    • Make sure to back up and save all of your work.
    • Check your grades after each assignment/test.
    • Make sure you submit your work, not just save.
    • If you have not received a grade, ask your instructor before the course has ended. It’s the student’s responsibility to make sure their work has been received by the instructor by the deadline(s) given.
    • Please be advised that access to your course will not be available after your last class. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they have the necessary course material for their exam preparation be fore their last class. Students should be copying course material they feel necessary for exam study purposes on their personal desktop. This proactive approach will ensure you have the necessary course material to study for your exam should it be schedule d past your last class.
  6. How often should I log on?

    When you log on is up to you! Unless there are chat sessions that you must attend, you choose your log on time based on your convenience. Your course will have assignment due dates. All assignments must be uploaded/submitted by deadline. It is recommended that you log on to your course at least once a week to stay up to date.

    All of our courses are instructor led, which means you are in a structured learning environment. Your instructor will inform you of their expectations of you when you begin your course.

  7. Online course codes differ by College:

    When you start your course you might notice that Niagara College course codes different from other host College course codes. Don’t worry, you’re still in the correct course. The following table demonstrates differences in course codes between Niagara College and other colleges. These are just samples.

    Host College Host College Code Description Niagara College Code
    Conestoga CG-OLRN1740 Programming for Absolute Beginners COMP1697
    Centennial CL-CETH101 Introduction to Thanatology PALL1016
    Durham DU-ACCT3281 Auditing ACCT1706
    Loyalist LO-HLTH8118 Medical OHIP Billing ADMN1113
    Seneca SE-CHI701 Roofing Inspection TECH1119
  8. Software requirements

    Some courses may require you to have access to certain software packages. The course description will indicate what software is required.

  9. Register for your final exam

    Your online course may require you to write an exam – either online or on campus. Visit the Exams page for more information. If you live within 111 kms of Niagara College, you must write your final proctored exam on our Welland campus. Online exam registration begins three weeks prior to the course end date.

  10. Get your grades

    Instructors have three weeks from the final day of your course to submit their grades. At this point they are entered into the Blackboard system, and once they are processed you will be able to access them. To obtain your grades you must login to the Niagara College Blackboard system. You will need to set your password by clicking on the set password link on the left hand side of the page. Once you have your password you can log in and find your grades.

Read the Welcome Guide

Non-Technical Assistance

If you are having a non-technical issue with your course, please call Part-Time Studies at 111-111-1111, extension 7606 or 7525.

Technical Support

If after 2 business days from registration (and after the official start date), you are having technical difficulties accessing your course, please contact:

  • Embanet’s 24 hour support desk , or call 1-800-695-5008.
  • For Niagara College Blackboard users, use for help. You may also call the Niagara College HelpDesk at 111-111-1111 extension 7642.

Make sure you know which system you are on to contact the correct technical support.