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Niagara College offers over 32 part-time programs, designed to allow you to study at your own pace. Many flexible class options are available. You can learn more about part-time programs here.

You have up to 5 years to successfully complete all of the courses that are part of your chosen program (unless otherwise stated).

Program TitleDescriptionType
Accounting for Managerial DecisionsProvides a comprehensive understanding of accounting principles that are necessary to perform in an accounting environment. Some credits may be applied towards a CGA designation.Online and/or In Class
AutoCAD OperatorHeavily lab-oriented program that allows you specialize in either Mechanical Drawings or Construction, and to pursue a career within engineering design/graphics work environments.In Class
BakingProvides a foundation for a career in baking, including techniques in baking, pastry and cake making. The practical portion of the instruction takes place in a fully equipped state of the art bakery lab.In Class
Designed for those seeking a career in bookkeeping or an entry level accounting position, completion of this program will provide you with the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of bookkeeping procedures and practices and how they are applied in both a manual and computerized environment.Online and/or In Class
Counselling Skills for Human ServicesEnhances the skill set of those that currently work, or plan to work in a variety of human service settings, whereby an understanding of human behaviour, communicating with others, and assisting individuals with their life choices are required skills.Online and/or In Class
Criminal Psychology and BehaviourThis program enhances the knowledge of those currently in the justice industry to learn to better understand the concepts and issues surrounding criminal behaviour.Online and/or In Class
Dietary Food Service WorkerThis program, developed with the co-operation of health care facilities, prepares individuals for employment in food service within a health care setting. Mandatory MOHLTC Standards are incorporated throughout.Online
Entrepreneurship and Small Business ManagementThis program provides individuals with the tools necessary to maintain and run a small business.Online and/or In Class
Floral DesignDesigned in co-operation with the horticultural sector, this program exposes students to all aspects of floral design, sales, marketing and management, with special emphasis on floral designs for special occasions.In Class
French as a Second Language (Introductory)An introductory, structural approach to the development of skills required to speak French as a second language at the basic level. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary, grammar and comprehension, together with an introduction to formal conversational French.In Class
French as a Second Language (Advanced)This program is intended to enhance your French skills after successfully completing French as a Second Language (Introductory). Focuses on complex French grammar and enhanced written and conversation skills.In Class
General Arts and ScienceDesign your own timetable by selecting what, when and how you learn, depending on your individual goals. Both a Certificate program and a Diploma program are available. Varies
Health Care Food ServiceThis program, developed with the co-operation of health care facilities, prepares individuals for employment in food service within a health care setting, with a strong focus on nutrition. Mandatory MOHLTC Standards are incorporated throughout.In Class
Home InspectionThis program addresses the major systems and components of home important to the home inspection industry, and provides communication skills and knowledge of professional practices required to be successful.Online
Language InterpreterThis program helps bilingual speakers develop the skills necessary to interpret in a variety of legal, health care and social sectors in Ontario.Online
Leadership Development SeriesThis program enables learners to enhance leadership skills, and develop new skills to help meet career and organizational objectives. Provides a solid foundation for those looking to enter leadership positions.In Class
Legal Office AssistantWith little to no previous experience, this program will assist you in developing the office support skills needed to perform all of the standard operational procedures in a legal office.Online and/or In Class
Management of Human ResourcesThis program provides the tools to effectively function in the area of human resources. Successfully completing the academic requirements of this program will allow eligible students to attain the CHRP designation.Online and/or In Class
Manufacturing LeadershipThis program is designed for individuals working in manufacturing who have recently been promoted to the role of supervisor or for those who would like to assume the role in the future.
Master TasterThis program focuses on fine-tuning the art of tasting and analyzing wines. You will learn the "language" of tasting, wine appreciation, and will be well-versed in identifying grape variety, wine region styles, and production methods.In Class
Medical Front Office AssistantThis program is designed primarily with someone with little to no previous experience in the industry. It focuses on the development of strong office support, interpersonal, organizational and communication skills. Graduates will be prepared for standard operational procedures in a medical office.Online and/or In Class
Medical Office AssistantThis program focuses on support for the administration of offices in the medical, chiropractice and dental fields. Graduates of the program will be prepared for the standard operational procedures that are required in a medical office.Online and/or In Class
Medical TranscriptionistProvides the theoretical and practical knowledge required for a career in Medical Transcription; the field of producing accurately written documentation of client data dictated by a physician or other healthcare practitioner.Online and/or In Class
Motorcycle TrainingGet your full "M" license through our motorcycle programs. Our programs have trained over 7,000 students on how to safely enjoy, operate, and ride motorcycles.In Class (Outside)
Nursing Unit ClerkPrepares students for the challenging career of clerical and administrative support for a hospital unit or health care institution.Online and/or In Class
Occupational Health and SafetyProvides solid training in the required practices of occupational health and safety, including a management component that gives the know-how necessary to oversee workplace safety programs.Online and/or In Class
Payroll PractitionerPrepares payroll practitioners to management the compliance requirements of an organization's annual payroll cycle. Once complete, you will also have completed the academic requirements for the Canadian Payroll Association's PCP (Payroll Compliance Practitioner) certification.In Class
PhotographyThis series of courses incorporates an introduction to advanced photography, and includes an overview of the history of photography, the use of 35 mm film cameras, and a focus on all components of digital SLR photography including photo editing. Suitable for beginners or hobby photographers.In Class
Small Engine RepairProvides the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain, troubleshoot and perform repairs on Two Stroke Cycle and Four Stroke Cycle small engines. Successful completion of the program prepares you to write three of the Equipment and Engine Training Council (EETC) certification examinations.In Class
Sommelier, CertifiedAn advanced program designed to provide aspiring sommeliers with the skills necessary to develop, design and implement wine programs, as well as knowledge in food and wine pairing, and expertise and spririts and other beverages and how they related to food. Leads to certification from the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers.In Class
Supply Chain and Logistics ManagementAppropriate for individuals considering a career or who are already employed in the industry. this program teaches how to effectively management the supply chain process, from planning, to sourcing, producing and delivering the produce or service.Online and/or In Class
Teaching AdultsThis part-time Teaching Adults program prepares qualified individuals for positions in teaching adults within school boards, colleges or retraining centres.Online and/or In Class
Web DesignTeaches the knowledge necessary for an introductory or junior position in the world of web design. Includes an introduction to HTML/CSS, as well as XML and Javascript.Online
Wine Marketing and ManagementProvides expertise in the business, retail, marketing and export aspects of the wine industry.In Class
Wine Making ITeaches both the theoretical knowledge and skills of wine making, as well as providing a practical hands-on experience. Join us at our award-winning commercial teaching winery!In Class