Canadian Institute of Management (CIM) Equivalency

  • Type: Online and/or In Class
  • Starts In: Fall, Winter, Spring

About this part-time equivalency program ( What's this?)

This part-time program provides you with the opportunity to take courses that you can apply towards the academic requirements of the Canadian Institute of Management (CIM) ᾮCertificate in Management and Administrationᾯ designation. The (CIM) is Canada’s senior management association. It has been leading the way for the promotion of higher standards in practical management that is imperative in today’s competitive marketplace. As a non-profit organization, the institute is dedicated to the enhancement of managerial skills and professional development. Successful completion of required courses and membership with the CIM is needed in order to obtain the CIM certificate and designation.

Program Delivery

CIM Requirement: Introduction to Management
  • Not available.
CIM Requirement: Communications Managerial
Choose one of the following:
CIM Requirement: Canadian Business Law
Choose one of the following:
CIM Requirement: Accounting-Managerial
Choose one of the following:
Choose one of the following:
Choose one of the following:
CIM Requirement: Finance-Managerial
CIM Requirement: Strategic Analysis / Policy Administration
  • Not available.
Additional CIM Requirements:

Choose 2 courses from 2 different categories below.


Prerequisites may be required for these courses. Please refer to individual course descriptions for specific requirements.

How to Obtain Your Equivalencies

  1. Students will be awarded a ᾮCertificate in Management and Administrationᾯ upon completion of eight study courses as specified by the Institute, with a minimum grade of 60% in each course.
  2. Candidates will be eligible to apply for the C.I.M. (Certified in Management) designation once they have acquired two years of management/administration experience. To be granted the designation, candidates will be required to submit an application, along with two letters of reference and a current resume within six years of completing the prescribed studies.
  3. If you intend to apply other credits as equivalents to some of the eight study courses, please download the Application for Education Credit form from the CIM website, and mail as many completed copies as necessary along with your application.
  4. All courses for the Certificate must be completed within seven years of commencement and any requests for equivalences must have been taken within seven years of application.

 To obtain credit for equivalency courses taken, individuals will be required to submit their application to the Canadian Institute of Management (CIM).

For further information about the Canadian Institute of Management and an application of membership, CIM can be contacted by:

How to Register

Students do not apply to our part-time equivalency programs. Instead, enrol in and successfully complete each course listed in the Program Delivery section. Once you have successfully completed all of the required courses, you may follow the directions of the professional association to obtain your equivalencies.