Supply Chain Management Association – Ontario (SCMAO) Equivalency

  • Type: Online and/or In Class
  • Starts In: Fall, Winter, Spring

About this part-time equivalency program ( What's this?)

Today’s global market demands skilled practitioners to support the management of complex supply chains. The ‘s Supply Management Training (SMT) certificate program meets this need with a series of tactical courses and seminars designed to provide a solid skills base. The SMT program will equip entry to mid-level practitioners with the necessary skills to suport supply chain functions, and the related business skills to help advance their careers. Take them individually or complete them all to earn a Certificate in Supply Management. Our technical courses teach the fundamentals of procurement, transportation, logistics and operations.  Through certificate seminars you will gain the soft skills and business management knowledge necessary for productivity and efficiency on a day-to-day basis.

Program Delivery

Technical Courses
Business Management Knowledge Courses

Eligible Niagara College Courses for Advanced Standing


Students are required to achieve minimum of 60% final grade and a minimum 60% on the final exam for each Technical course.


Textbook and candidate/participant manual are required for each technical course. Students are required to download the complimentary candidate manual online through SCMAO and purchase the course textbook from the college bookstore. The required textbooks are listed in the course outlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Registration Information

  • There is no prerequisite or practical experience required.
  • There is no formal registration into the SMT Certificate program.  You are free to complete a single course, a seminar or the full program.
  • Simply enroll in a Technical Course(s) or Seminar(s) in any order that is convenient to you.

How to Obtain Your Equivalencies

To attain the Supply Management Training (SMT) Certificate you are required to complete the following within 4 years:

Part 1 – Four (4) Technical Courses

The following Niagara College technical courses:

  • CEBU1400 – Introduction to Procurement
  • CEBU1410 – Introduction to Transportation
  • CEBU1420 – Introduction to Logistics
  • CEBU1430 – Introduction to Operations Management
Part 2 – Three (4) Business Management Knowledge Courses or Seminars

One of the following options is required.

Option 1: Three (3) Business Seminars through :
  1. Introduction to Business Planning
  2. Introduction to Accounting and Finance
  3. Introduction to Marketing


Option 2: The following Niagara College Business Management Knowledge courses have received equivalency status from SCMAO in lieu of 2 out of 3 required seminars:
  • ACCT1130 – Financial Accounting I – equivalent to Introduction to Accounting and Finance seminar
  • ACCT1198 – Financial Accounting Concepts – equivalent to Introduction to Accounting and Finance seminar
  • ACCT1505 – Management Cost Accounting – equivalent to Introduction to Accounting and Finance seminar
  • MKTG1301 – Principles of Marketing – equivalent to Introduction to Marketing seminar

If option 2 is chosen, please submit the following  (PDF hosted by along with the applicable payment ($111/$250) to have these credits transferred to your SCMAO record.

Part 3 – Three (3) Soft Skill Seminars through
  1. Introduction to Business Communications
  2. Introduction to Negotiations
  3. Introduction to Contract Law and Administration

SCMAO seminar schedules, fees and registration information can be found at .

Upon successful completion of the required SMT seminars and courses, students will be eligible to apply for a Certificate in Supply Management.  Eligible students must fill out the (PDF hosted by and submit to the SCMAO for approval and processing.  SCMAO membership is mandatory at time of application.

For further Information/equivalency Information, contact:

Domenic Caruso, Niagara College
Telephone: 111-111-1111, extension 7819
Email: [email protected]

Supply Chain Management Association – Ontario (SCMAO)
Phone: 416-977-7566 or 1-877-726-6968
Email: [email protected]

How to Register

Students do not apply to our part-time equivalency programs. Instead, enrol in and successfully complete each course listed in the Program Delivery section. Once you have successfully completed all of the required courses, you may follow the directions of the professional association to obtain your equivalencies.