Our Programs

Student volunteers pose at the Wine Festival Parade

The following are programs specifically offered by the Centre for Student Engagement and Leadership.

Many other co-curricular programs, events and opportunities are offered by departments and organizations throughout Niagara College and the greater Niagara community.

Check the Get Involved Portal () for a listing of these activities. Your participation can be added to your official student Co-Curricular Record.

First Year

Is it your first year at college? The below programs will help you become accustomed to college life.

Second Year +

Final years vary depending on the program and the credential being received – certificate (1 year), diploma (2 years), advanced diploma (3 years), degree (4 years).

First Generation Students

Are you a student attending college whose parent or parents never attended college? That means you’re a ᾮFirst Generationᾯ student! Special support is offered to First Generation students.

Learn more about First Generation Students