Engagement and Leadership

Enrich your learning at Niagara College through engagement and leadership opportunities – attend events and workshops, volunteer or be tutor – and receive an official Co-Curricular Record when you graduate.

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Get involved on campus and in the community

Giving back to the student and wider communities is a fulfilling experience that can help you grow as an individual, and build friendships with other students just like you. The Centre for Student Engagement and Leadership (CSEL) is dedicated to helping provide a well-rounded experience – including on-campus events, volunteerism opportunities and more – for all students, from first year to graduation.

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Ease into college life during Orientation

We know that change can be scary – a new school, new environment, and maybe even a new home can be overwhelming to first year students. Our team is here to support you and help you succeed!

The Orientation and the Student Experience programs are the central hub for events, workshops, seminars, mixers and guest speaker series that will assist new students with easing their transition into college life.

Throughout Orientation Week: We hold numerous fun events including concerts, sporting events, community gatherings, and fairs. Throughout the year expect information sessions, workshops, guest speakers and holiday activities. We like to keep college life fun, and want to give you opportunities to make new friends – in the NC community and beyond.

Your Co-Curricular Record

At Niagara College, you can gain recognition for student engagement, leadership and co-curricular activities pursued outside on and off campus. Your Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official Niagara College document which showcases your achievements and involvement on and off campus.

Simply log-in to the Get Involved Co-Curricular Record Portal to find diverse opportunities. After completion of your experience, submit your experience for validation.

The CCR is used to enhance your resume and career or academic portfolios. You can use the CCR to showcase your co-curricular involvement to future employers, graduate schools and for grants and bursaries.

When you graduate you’ll have an academic credential and an official record of your achievements and involvement on and off campus. Make sure to connect with Employment Service to review how best to use your CCR for a competitive advantage in the job market and beyond.

ncTakeOff is Niagara College’s Hub for Entrepreneurship, Awareness, Education & Acceleration

is Niagara College’s hub for entrepreneurship. By exposing NC students to the concept of entrepreneurship, ncTakeOff is building an innovative, enterprising and challenge-embracing culture across campus, in Niagara and beyond.

They host on-campus and refer students to off campus in order to increase access to support – subject experts, mentors, events and funding opportunities.