Residence and Housing

NC’s friendly staff strive to build a welcoming community where you feel valued and comfortable to be yourself.


are only steps away from the main campus buildings, and are available at the Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake Campuses.

Become part of the community and culture of NC, and experience college life with clubs, volunteer committees, and weekly events!

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Residence suites include:

Residence suites have 2 bedrooms each, with a double bed, desk and work area, satellite TV, internet access, free local calls, and a bathroom. Residence boarders have access to a common room, kitchen, movie lounge, games room, and BBQ with picnic area.

Off-Campus Housing

These off-campus housing partners are recommended by Niagara College.

The NC Student Administrative Council has partnered with who provides students, schools and landlords with the highest quality, off-campus housing service. The Places4Students website provides a large real-time database of student housing vacancies in the Niagara area, including photos and text, contact information and property features.

Off-Campus Living (OCL) Program

The offers year-round housing information to students, landlords, and residents in the Niagara Region. The program also provides resources regarding a variety of off-campus living topics, such as finding accommodations, landlord/tenant issues, neighbourhood relations, and much more.

Be a Good Neighbour

Download these ᾮGood Neighbour Guidesᾯ to learn about how to be a great member of your local community.

Download Welland Campus Good Neighbour Guide

Fire Safety

It’s important to find fire-safe accommodations and to understand fire safety guidelines to stay safe in your new home.

Download Fire Safety Tip Sheet

International Housing Options

Are you an ? Sometimes the best way to introduce yourself to a new country is to experience it through the warmth of a homestay or landing pad. We believe that your host is as important to your experience as your classes.


Living with a Canadian family will be a very rewarding experience that you will never forget. Once you have your confirmation of who your homestay family is, you will be able to contact them and begin to develop a lifelong friendship.

Welcome to the Niagara College Landing Pad. The program is designed to provide International Students with 30 days of safe accommodation. Hosts support students through the provision of a home & two meals per day, while the college offers information and adjustment help.