Student Privacy

Collection and use of personal information

Niagara College is required to disclose personal information such as Ontario Education Numbers, student characteristics and educational outcomes to the Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development under s. 15 of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter M.19, as amended.

The ministry collects this data for purposes such as planning, allocating and administering public funding to colleges, universities and other post-secondary educational and training institutions and to conduct research and analysis, including longitudinal studies, and statistical activities conducted by or on behalf of the ministry for purposes that relate to post-secondary education and training. Further information on the collection and use of student-level enrolment-related data can be obtained from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development website: (English) or (French) or by writing to the Director, Postsecondary Finance and Information Management Branch, Postsecondary Education Division, 7th Floor, Mowat Block, 900 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M7A 1L2.

In addition, student personal information is collected for the purposes of: admissions, registration, enrolment, financial aid, student accounts, other administrative activities related to our programs, and other fundamental activities related to being a member of the Niagara College community.

This personal information is used to administer and operate academic, athletic, recreational, student financials, and other College programs and activities, including residence operations and alumni fundraising activities. Such activities include, but are not limited to: determining academic status, recording academic achievement, producing class lists, issuing student cards, processing transcript requests, maintaining tuition accounts, issuing tax receipts, notifying students of important issues and updates, determining eligibility for student awards, scholarships and financial support, and administering financial aid and government financial assistance programs.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

Personal information will only be disclosed to third party requestors with the expressed written consent of the student, or in compliance with the (FIPPA) and the (PHIPA).

Accordingly, personal information may be disclosed as follows:

  • To College employees only as it is required in the performance of their duties. Only information which is necessary and proper in the discharge of the College’s functions will be disclosed.
  • In an emergency or other urgent circumstance, personal information (including personal health information) may be disclosed as appropriate. The application of this exception will be very limited, and the utmost discretion will be applied when determining the scope and necessity of this disclosure.

Student access to information

Students may request to examine (and have copies made) of all documents contained in their own academic record, with the exception of evaluations and letters of reference which have been provided to the College with the expressed or implied understanding that they be maintained in confidence. Students must make this request in writing and submit it to the appropriate College official.

Students also have the right to challenge the accuracy of information contained in their academic record, with the exception of evaluations and letters of reference. If the information is found by College officials to be erroneous, it will be corrected. Any recipients of this information will be advised of the correction. If the College determines that the information is not in error, the student may request that a statement of disagreement be attached to the document.


The College publishes a document which contains information about our graduating students, including their name and degrees/diplomas earned. This information is made publicly available at each convocation ceremony.

In addition, the College may film the convocation ceremony. The intended use of these films may include: for internal College use, for CD distribution to graduates, or for broadcasting on the Internet. For any use other than internal to the College, specific information will be provided prior to the event. For any students that do not wish to be filmed, an alternate method of receiving your diploma will be provided.

Alumni Office

Upon graduation, the Enrolment Services will transfer personal information to the Niagara College Foundation for the purpose of fundraising and other alumni activities. This transfer will contain basic information such as; name, address, phone, email, program of graduation, and graduating year. If you wish to have your name removed from the Alumni fundraising lists, please contact:

Niagara College Foundation
300 Woodlawn Road
Welland, ON L3C 7L3
111-111-1111, ext. 7775

Security of Electronic Information

Niagara College understands that you need to feel comfortable that your electronic personal information is secure. To this end, we use the highest level of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Also, as part or our ongoing commitment to privacy protection, we continually monitor the security of all our systems and investigate new approaches to protect personal information. However, to be most effective, security must be a partnership. Never share your PIN number or passwords with anyone.

Questions about your privacy

Any questions regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of the personal information contained in your student record should be directed to:

Enrolment Services
300 Woodlawn Road
Welland, ON L3C 7L3
111-111-1111, ext. 7560