Do you envision a career designing and building communities or thrive on finding solutions to computer hardware challenges? Do you want to develop electrical and electronic equipment or explore advanced technology related to the generating and harnessing of light? Perhaps you want to turn your talent for solving electronic problems into a technical career or are a robotics and automation enthusiast who desires a career in manufacturing? Maybe you have an engineering background with an interest in automation technologies and their role in business and industry?

Whether you want to…

  • design and construct buildings and bridges;
  • troubleshoot and implement computer systems’ solutions;
  • be responsible for construction project planning and management;
  • work closely with engineers on the design and development of technology;
  • solve complex technical problems to improve organizational efficiency;
  • work in the automation and control systems sectors;
  • provide technical support for manufacturing equipment and technologies; or
  • create innovative devices using fibre optic equipment,

…the Niagara College (NC) School of Technology, located at the Welland campus, enables students to gain the hands-on skills needed for success in many technical fields and/or prepare for further post-secondary studies.

With an emphasis on applied learning and opportunities to develop market-ready skills across several industries, students are taught by expert faculty and gain practical, hands-on experience in NC’s state-of-the-art labs, which feature modern equipment, as well as co-op work terms. In addition, graduates can apply for additional industry-recognized certifications post-graduation.