About this Program

Credential Awarded:Ontario College Advanced Diploma
Campus:Welland Campus
Length:3 Years

Program Highlights

  • Niagara College has the largest photonics training labs in Canada
  • College boasts dedicated photonic and microelectronic laboratories, as well as a teaching clean-room facility
  • Students gain skills in laser, optical, electro-optical, and vacuum technologies
  • Graduates are in demand across Ontario and North America
  • Final year of program includes an eight-month photonics research project

Career Opportunities

  • Bio and medical technology
  • Aerospace industry
  • Defence and homeland security
  • Advanced visualization for entertainment
  • Optical design and manufacture
  • Vacuum coating technology
  • Imaging technology

You are well-suited to this program if you…

  • Enjoy the theory behind math, science and engineering, but want some serious hands-on experience!
  • Have strong communication and problem-solving skills
  • Interested in learning something new every day in a field that never stops evolving!
  • Are a MAKER at heart who wants to work in a field that combines optics, lasers, electronics, mechanics and manufacturing
  • Want to work with LASERS!

Learn about photonics and optics:

  • Optical Society of America
  • International Society for Optical Engineering
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • Institute of Physics

Admissions and Availability

Ontario College Advanced Diploma
#0751 - 3 Years Welland
Starting In Availability
September 2017Closed
January 2018Not Available
May 2018Not Available
September 2018Open
January 2019Not Available
May 2019Not Available

Future Study Options

We are proud to provide a range of future study options for NC students. More details on specific opportunities and partnerships can be found at vnmanga.info/transfercredit.