What Our Students Say

  • The Photonics Engineering Technology program at Niagara College has given me a leading edge in kick starting my career into high gear. Having exposure to a wide array of laser and light based systems has allowed me to become knowledgeable with current technologies and challenged me to become a critical thinker while solving complex technical problems. This unique Photonics background has allowed me to diversify my portfolio and set me apart from the rest.

    Adam Karamath, 2008 Photonics Engineering Technology graduate
  • Niagara College provided hands on experience with the latest laser systems available as well as education on relevant new technology. The background has helped me in my career as a laser safety officer and optical product developer developing projection systems. Niagara College’s specialized Photonics program gave me the skills required to get ahead and advance in the field of photonics that cannot be found elsewhere.

    Cody Keating, 2012 Photonics Engineering Technology graduate
  • Photonics tremendously benefited my career and I can say without doubt I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without having gone through the program and gaining the education and life experiences that I did. Aside from the benefits the program itself provided, the faculty members served as mentors and continue to serve as mentors to this day. They truly care about their students. I would strongly recommend Niagara College to any prospective student and without hesitation encourage them to pursue Photonics for an amazing technical program.

    Phil Alfieri, 2004 Photonics Engineering Technology graduate, MBA