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Test Centre: Mature Student Admissions Testing

Test Centre information for Niagara College Community housed on LLC's website.

Mature Student Admissions Testing

Niagara College welcomes applications from mature students.

The Mature Student Test is used by Niagara College for admission to full time programs. Applicants must meet all other specific entrance requirements of the program to which they are applying. Grade level testing is available for Mathematics and English only and will not give you credits towards a grade 12 diploma or certificate.

For admissions purposes, mature students are:

  1. defined as those applicants who have not completed their OSSD or GED certificate;
  2. are at least 19 years of age (as of the start of the school year); and
  3. have been out of high school at least 1 year.

Schedule a Mature Student Test

All tests must be scheduled. We are unable to accept walk-ins.

The test fee is $20.00 (no HST).

to schedule a test appointment and/or for more information.

Did you use accommodations in secondary school and require accommodations for a pre-admission test?

To learn more about accommodated pre-admission testing and to find out if you are eligible, please click Pre-Admission Test Accommodations

About the Test

You will be tested on the topics below and all questions are multiple choice.

The (CAT 4) is used to assess proficiency in English and Computation & Estimation.

Want to study? For sample test questions and preparation materials please refer to the Sample Questions section on the right side of this page

English and Math

Topic Number of Questions Time Allowed
Informational Reading 40 questions 50 minutes
Literary Reading 40 questions 50 minutes
Vocabulary 30 questions 30 minutes
Writing Conventions 30 questions 25 minutes
Spelling 30 questions 20 minutes
Computation and Estimation
(no calculator allowed)
36 questions 35 minutes


This test is only required if the program to which you are applying requires a general math.

Topic Number of Questions Time Allowed
Problem Solving
(no calculator allowed)
60 questions 40 minutes

Math for Technology

This test is only required if the program to which you are applying requires a technical math.

Topic Number of Questions Time Allowed
Technical Math
(Basic calculator allowed; no scientific or programmable calculators)
60 questions 2 hours

Sample Questions

The below are downloads available in PDF format.

Preparation Materials

To help you prepare for the test, you can also look at the S.A.T. or G.E.D. preparation manuals. You can find them at any public library or bookstore. You can also find sample questions by doing a Google search with the key words “SAT or GED practice questions”.

Here are a few websites to help you review your English skills and prepare for the test:

You can also consult these Math practice and review websites: