Term one (2018 Fall)
Code Course Name Credits
DRFT1123 Electrical Prints - Residential 2
ELEC1111 Electrical Concepts 3
ELEC1121 Electrical Installations I 4
ELEC1146 Canadian Electrical Code 3
ELNC1115 Electronic Concepts I 3
MATH1180 Mathematics for Electrical Trades 3
TECH1151 Health and Safety 3
Term two (2019 Winter)
Code Course Name Credits
CAPL1199 Computer Applications 3
COMM1125 Essentials of Workplace Communication 3
DRFT1124 Electrical Prints - Commercial and Industrial 2
ELEC1134 Introduction to Electrical Instrumentation 3
ELEC1170 Introduction to Network Cabling 3
ELEC1200 Electrical Concepts II 3
ELEC1111 Electrical Installations II 4
ELNC1215 Electronic Concepts II 3