Term one (2018 Fall)
Code Course Name Credits
AUTO1101 Vehicle Body and Structure 3
AUTO1102 Application Fundamentals 3
AUTO1103 Automotive Hydraulics 3
AUTO1104 Engines I 4
AUTO1120 Work Practices and Fabrication 3
AUTO1200 Computer Applications - Automotive 3
COMM1125 Essentials of Workplace Communication 3
MATH1207 Applied Technical Mathematics for Motive Power Technicians 3
Term two (2019 Winter)
Code Course Name Credits
AUTO1146 Gear Trains 3
AUTO1201 Automotive Electrical Principles I 4
AUTO1202 Suspension and Steering Systems 4
AUTO1203 Braking Systems I 3
AUTO1204 Materials Science 3
AUTO1111 Environmental Controls 3
AUTO1113 Customer Relations 3