Women in the Trades

Launching a career in the skilled trades provides life balance and the opportunity to ‘earn while you learn’, combining on-the-job training and in-school learning

Smiling female welding student with her mask up

Apprehensive to launch a career in a traditionally male-dominated industry? Consider the following:

  • Women traditionally are credited for possessing patience and attention to detail, which are attributes that are important in trades and technologies.
  • While there is a physical component to most trades, new technology has changed the nature of how work gets done.
  • Skilled trades require workers with a strong academic foundation in reading, writing, math and sciences, along with dexterity, stamina, good hand-eye coordination and balance which are all qualities that women possess equally with men.

Opportunities for women in the skilled trades are strong and the demand for their presence in these non-traditional occupations is rapidly growing.

Resources for women interested in the trades

  • – A network of professional women helping women.