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Niagara Region, Ontario
Geregistreerd in februari 2009
Geboren in 1967


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    16 okt.


  2. 16 okt.

    📢 Some hours have changed for food services on-campus due to the strike. For all updated info and FAQ, please visit

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    16 okt.

    Due to strike, the (Glendale Campus) transit stop has been temporarily moved to Taylor Rd.

  4. 16 okt.

    At 12:01 this morning, College faculty began a province-wide strike. Info has been posted at .

  5. 14 okt.

    Some of our VIPs from tonight’s NC Business Night! Having a great time cheering on the 🐯

  6. 13 okt.

    Did you know we have 19 different business programs? Open House Nov 18! Go Cats Go! – bij Tim Hortons Field

  7. 13 okt.

    Great having and with us at the game for NC Business Night! tour with exec’s was awesome! 🐯🏈✔️

  8. 13 okt.

  9. 13 okt.
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    12 okt.

    Read coverage of new study looking at supports for at-risk students:

  11. 12 okt.

    📍🚙 From to ... great talking to you future NC students! We’re at til 2:45. Tell us your to win!

  12. 11 okt.

    📍🚙We’re in tn at Northern College til 8pm waiting to hear your ! Back tmrw 9-11.

  13. 11 okt.

    📢 Important msg RE: potential faculty strike; while we're hopeful discussions will resume, please go to for details.

  14. 11 okt.

    Special thanks to for the beautiful garden and unwavering community support for the past 50 years, with many more to come! 🤝🙂

  15. 11 okt.

    📸 President Patterson presents & staff (NC grads) with thank you photo of the tribute garden they made for our 50th!

  16. 10 okt.

    📍🚙 Now we're in for tonight's stop at Cambrian! Here til 8pm. Win our experience getaway package!

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  17. 10 okt.

    🎃 Check out Jerry Howell's ; the NC grad behind the animated fun at the ... a in Niagara in October! 🎃

    Jerry Howell's #myncstory
    The man behind the magic of Howell's Family Pumpkin Farm is an NC grad. Here's his story.
  18. 10 okt.
    Als antwoord op
  19. 10 okt.

    📍🚘 Today we're at Sault College til 11am. Be sure to stop by our booth to ask us Q's and learn what NC has to offer! 📚😀

  20. 10 okt.

    We're celebrating this month w/ german-inspired food at ! See this week's menu. Portion of proceeds go to

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