Dialogue with the Dean

Welcome to Niagara College and thank you for choosing NC.

What should I study?  How can I figure out what career is right for me?  What kind of job will I get?  If you find yourself asking these questions then the School of Academic and Liberal Studies can help you find the answers you need to plan your path forward.  We offer a broad range of courses and programs that allow you to enhance your academic skills and discover your strengths and interests.

Our programs offer you the flexibility to experience courses from a variety of fields of study as you explore your pathway in life.  In our programs you’ll meet faculty and students who have diverse interests and experiences.  In your classes you will participate in engaging and interactive activities that will help you gain new perspectives and meet other students.

Outside the classroom, I encourage you to get involved in our NC community.  The Centre for Student Engagement and Leadership provides a broad range of activities from volunteering to student government.  There are always a range of activities to choose from and you’ll meet students from over 50 different countries in our globally connected college!

The faculty and staff in the School of Academic and Liberal Studies care about your success.  We are here to help you find the path that’s right for you.  Our Academic Advisors can help you select courses and faculty will give you feedback that will help you be successful in your studies.  With a range of student services such as peer tutoring and our health and wellness centre you’ll find the supports you need as you move through your programming here at NC.

Most of all, enjoy your time here at college.  Study hard, but take time to get involved, make new friends, and dream big.  Your time at college is an opportunity to fulfill your dreams and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Have a great semester.  I look forward to meeting you!

Fiona Allan

Dean, Academic & Liberal Studies Division

Welcome Students!

Welcome to Niagara College and thank you for choosing to study with us!

Your studies at Niagara College the School of Academic, Liberal and Access Studies will always be present as an important component in your academic pathway to graduation and will provide a foundation for your program of study. Whether you are in one of the General Arts and Science programs, enrolled in one of our General Education courses, or have Humanities and Social Science content in your program curriculum, you will be connected to our School. The critical employability skills provided by our Communications, English, Mathematics, and Computer Literacy courses will also provide valuable knowledge and skills for your career preparation through our School of Academic Studies.

The importance of exploring a diverse base of understanding through a liberal studies education and gaining an intelligent perspective, a breadth of knowledge and awareness as part of your college studies will prepare you for success in your life’s pathway after graduation. The staff of our School are dedicated to providing you with key insights and quality learning environments that will complement your programs of study and your Niagara College educational experience.

Take advantage of the opportunities presented to you, cultivate your critical thinking skills, formulate opinions, ask insightful questions… and above all embrace every learning opportunity.

Fiona Allan
Acting Dean, Academic & Liberal Studies Division