Hybrid Learning

Niagara College offers some courses through a combination of online and face-to-face classes (hybrid or blended learning). Hybrid courses combine these two class formats so that students enjoy flexible scheduling while still benefiting from personal interactions with professors and classmates.

Are Hybrid classes for you?

  • Are you a disciplined student, able to work independently to meet weekly online commitments?
  • Are you ready to try the easy-to-use Blackboard tools like Discussion Boards, Wikis, and Blogs?
  • Are you prepared to work with your classmates online each week, in addition to your in-class meetings?

Note: Hybrid course schedules match regular courses in required weekly class hours. A 3-hour class, for example, might meet for one hour online and two hours face-to-face.

If you answered ᾮyesᾯ to these questions, then Hybrid classes may be perfect for you!

Students say…
  • ᾮI enjoyed the collaborative process. … I found it very helpful to hear other classmates’ ideas.ᾯ
  • ᾮ[Online work] gives you the chance to compose your ideas and to address comments from different people.ᾯ
  • ᾮI loved doing my work in the middle of the night, instead of always having to go to the campus!ᾯ
  • ᾮI liked getting input from others, not just within my group.ᾯ
Students advise…
  • ᾮComplete your Wikis right away, so you don’t forget!ᾯ
  • ᾮKeep track of due dates.ᾯ
  • ᾮFor success, you must keep track and take ownership of the hybrid work.ᾯ