What Our Students Say

I am writing to tell you about how my university experience is going. To put it simply, I am loving it. I cannot tell you enough how useful it is to have my transfer credits from the College because I am able to take courses that are directed towards my degree rather than elective credits. […] At the College level I was able to develop my critical thinking skills and grow on both an academic and personal level. The guidance and total progression of the program improved my written skills and presentation capability.

[…] I feel I am on the same level as the other students if not perhaps one step ahead.

Nicole Musk, Degree Transfer student, 2013-2015

Jordan W. loves our supportive staff!

  • What I like about this program are the teachers and the direct learning experience. The course material is also interesting and practical for use in everyday life. I have learned many things over the course of my first year, all significant as they have all encouraged me to learn and understand more. Right now I’m not sure which career path I will take, but the short term goal is university!

    Jake Stunt, 1st year student, Degree Transfer Program 2014
  • I like the small class sizes, the diversity of the programs, and having University level classes for a College price.

    Kwade Risi, Winter 2014 Degree Transfer student