Letters of Accommodation

What is a Letter of Accommodation?

In collaboration with a Counsellor, and with sufficient documentation, a Letter of Accommodation can be prepared for students with disabilities, either temporary or permanent, for each term that they’re attending classes.

If students wish, Accessibility Services will distribute the Letter of Accommodation to the appropriate college staff; students will be given the option of signing a Release of Information form allowing Accessibility Services to distribute the Letter on their behalf. If a student chooses not to sign the Release form, he/she will then be responsible for distributing the letter as required.

New Letters of Accommodation are required every term

New Letters of Accommodation must be generated every term. Before generating new letters, we will make sure that your accommodations are adequate and adjust them as needed.

Learn more about LOAs

Read page 12 ᾮLetters of Accommodationᾯ in the Accessibility Services Support Guide to learn more about:

  • What is a LOA?
  • Who creates them?
  • How are they distributed?

Read the Accessibility Services Support Guide

How is the Letter of Accommodation distributed?

A copy of your Letter of Accommodation will be emailed to you. If you would like us to distribute your Letter of Accommodation, your Counsellor will review the process and ask you to sign a Release of Information to Staff, Faculty & Administration form. This form gives us permission to send your Letter to your Associate Dean, Academic Advisor, current teachers on your timetable, and appropriate support staff in the Test Centre, Peer Tutoring, etc.

You’ll be responsible for providing the Letter to anyone else you deem appropriate to receive this information in order to help you with your success at Niagara College, i.e. a placement supervisor, a co-op employer, etc.

How to send a Letter of Accommodation to your teacher using Blackboard

If you choose not to sign the Release of Information form, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that your Associate Dean, Academic Advisor, teachers, and any appropriate support staff in the Test Centre, Peer Tutoring, etc., receive your Letter to ensure that you receive assistance while attending Niagara College.

You can print paper copies of your Letter and distribute them in person. If you’d prefer to send a digital version, instructions for sending out the Letter using your Blackboard account are available in the video below.