Disabilities and Accommodations

Assistance available through Accessibility Services may relieve academic or social barriers and help students to more readily adjust to college life. Students with disabilities are expected to meet standard admission requirements and to accomplish the “core competencies” of their programs. To achieve this, accommodations can be provided to minimize or eliminate any disadvantage their disability presents. Accommodations are unique to each individual.

Our office makes these recommendations based on confidential documentation that students provide to their Accessibility Counsellor.

As per Ontario Human Rights Guidelines, students are no longer required to officially disclose their actual disability, although they can disclose it to their counsellor if they choose. If a student chooses not to disclose, they may take our Functional Limitations Assessment form to an appropriate care provider to ask the provider to confirm that they do have a disability and to give us information about the effect of their disability on their daily functioning so that our counsellors can set up appropriate Accommodations within Ontario Human Rights Guidelines. The current college Practice can be found under G:\Corporate\Practices & Procedures\Practices\800  STUDENT RECORDS, RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES.

Clockwork On-Line Test Booking Module for Students with Disabilities

The Clockwork On-Line Test Booking Module for Students with Disabilities was launched in September 2016. This automated system provides a confidential and convenient process for students with disabilities and ensures that students’ test dates and required accommodations are available and implemented in a timely manner. The on-line test booking system also provides faculty and instructors with a secure method of submitting tests/exams and instructions to the Test Centre. As well, the new automated system is in keeping with the Ontario Human Rights Guidelines regarding accommodating students with disabilities – that students are not required to seek accommodations directly from their professors.

Clockwork can be accessed through Blackboard via the My Apps page and clicking on the Clockwork icon. We have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions document for your information and to provide some additional clarification regarding some of the questions that we have received.

Learn about disabilities and possible accommodations

If you’re interested in learning more about certain disabilities, the following information is intended to educate faculty and interested parties about disabilities, possible accommodations, educational impacts and teaching strategies.