Types of Support

Accessibility Services helps students with disabilities succeed and achieve their dreams while attending Niagara College. Our friendly, welcoming staff are here for you, and want to help ensure your academic success!

We have dedicated Counsellors, as well as an Assistive Technologist and Learning Strategist.

For students with a documented disability we can offer:

Accommodations are individual and tailored to each students’ needs. We are here for you!

Not sure where to start?

Review the Accessibility Services Support Guide to learn about how and when to apply for academic accommodations for your disability. If you still have questions, contact our helpful staff, who will be happy to explain first steps.

What is a Learning Strategist?

A Learning Strategist is a coach and a role model, who works one-on-one with students. Using a collaborative approach, the Strategist and student work together to apply techniques that are compatible with the student’s individual learning style. Practical material is used from the student’s course work. Students who access the services of a Learning Strategist often demonstrate:

  • Enhanced concentration and attention
  • Improved memory and retention
  • Improved time management and organization
  • Better test/exam preparation
  • Reduced test/exam anxiety
  • Better reading comprehension
  • Finer writing skills
  • Improved research skills
  • Stronger note-taking skills
  • Ability to identify main ideas and important information

The role of the Learning Strategist is to model creative approaches to learning new material that are emotionally engaging and intellectually stimulating. This allows students to “Work Smart” at college, thereby increasing their potential for academic success.