Submit a Premier’s Award Nominee

How to Submit Names for Nominee Consideration

Names may be submitted for consideration to become a  nominee. Submit names of potential nominees to:

Catherine Barkwell, Alumni Relations Officer
Foundation and Alumni Relation Department, Niagara College
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 111-641-1152 extension 7841

We will confirm that the individual is a graduate of Niagara College and gather more information for consideration. A short list of potential nominees will be reviewed by the College’s Honours and Awards Committee. Once the Committee approves the potential list of nominees, we will then contact each person to seek their agreement to be nominated and work with the grad to prepare the nomination package by the deadline.

About the Premier’s Awards

Presented annually to six recipients, the Premier’s Awards for Ontario College Graduates celebrate the outstanding contributions college graduates make to Ontario and throughout the world. Nominations are submitted from each of Ontario’s 24 colleges in six categories:

  • Business
  • Creative Arts and Design
  • Community Services
  • Health Sciences
  • Technology
  • Recent Graduate (within the last five years)

The individual’s career achievements are given top priority. However; if there are two or more nominees that are close, the selection panel considers how they have given back to their sector, and their humanitarian efforts and/or community involvement.

Some observations over the years indicate an interest in grads who give back to their field, overcome significant challenges, technology grads who are inventors, business people responsible for significant growth, and people who facilitate social change.

The Premier’s Award winners will be announced at a gala award evening in November in Toronto, as part of the Colleges Ontario Higher Education Summit. Each winner is presented with a bronze medal and framed certificate signed by the Premier of Ontario. A $5,000 bursary that is to be directed to their graduating college is awarded to each winner.

In recognition of recent category winners, Niagara College received $5,000 donations from Colleges Ontario to establish the following awards:

  • Rebecca Patterson Premier’s Award Scholarship: $ 1,000 per year to a student in a health program in 2015 to 2019. Details are being confirmed.
  • David Pratt Premier’s Award Scholarship: $1,000 to a second year student in the Greenhouse Technology program in 2013 to 2017.
  • Jerry Howell Premier’s Award Scholarship: $1,000 to a student in the Computer Engineering Technology program from 2012 to 2016. Attached is our list of NC nominees since 1992, when the awards were introduced.

Niagara College has had six winners over the years and celebrated with more than 80 nominees at gala dinners in Toronto. We provide keepsake gifts to our nominees.

The awards are co-ordinated by Colleges Ontario. More information is available at .